Explore Data

Data is at the heart of the GROW Observatory. Explore the ways in which we are gathering and using data to help growers become better informed about their soil, to ground truth the Sentinel-1 satellite constellation and ultimately improve the accuracy of climate forecasts on floods, wildfire and drought.

Soil Sensor Locations

View a live map showing all sensors around Europe that are currently connected to the GROW Observatory. GROW's network of citizen scientists have placed sensors in their soil, to feed soil moisture data back to the observatory.


Soil Moisture Maps

One of the key aims of GROW is to develop soil moisture maps that will allow farmers to accurately respond to the needs of their crop. This visualisation demonstrates the type of service that could be made available to farmers. It represents the science in an easily interpretable format that brings GROW's soil moisture data to life.


GROW Water Planner

The GROW Water Planner is a tool that allows small scale growers to find out how much water their plants will need over the coming months, based on their location. It is intended to support water planning and management activities.

The version linked here is a prototype that could be developed further with a more complete data set. Currently there is only data available in a limited set of locations. More information about the tool is available here.


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